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khuluma is the full-colour, glossy in-flight magazine, published monthly for kulula.com. This contemporary publication encourages kulula fans to take khuluma home, extending the exposure and eyeball time beyond the flight experience. Fans will be transported into a world of hot gossip, the latest shopping trends and information on the most up-to-date leisure spots, interviews with comedians, information on what to do and where to go. In-depth articles on green trends, gadgets, photography, business and motoring are included in this eclectic content, ensuring that a cross-section of society and ages are kept entertained throughout the flight.

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A man came back from a long business trip to find that his son had a new $300 mountain bike.
"How'd you get that, son?"
"By hiking."
"Yeah, every night, Mom's boss came over and gave me $20 to take a hike."

A good lawyer knows the law; a great lawyer knows the judge.

A man and wife go to a restaurant. The waiter approaches the table to take their order.
"I'll have your largest, juiciest steak," says the husband.
"But Sir, what about the mad cow?" asks the waiter.
"Oh," says the husband, "She'll order for herself."

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